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Saturday, November 24, 2018 — 10 am to 5 pm

Our Annual Waldorf Faire is a warm, festive and family oriented occasion that is well attended by adults and children alike. The adults will find a fabulous selection of unique artisans in our Artisan Market and for the children, we have heartwarming crafts and activities. Wholesome soups and sandwiches are available to purchase in our Café, as well as a wonderful selection of desserts and baked treats.

The Waldorf Faire is a special day for our school as both a fundraiser and a celebration of community spirit and family fun.

Join Us For

  • Children’s Activities from 10 am to 4 pm*
  • Scrumptious Homemade Food
  • A Market full of Beautiful Handcrafted Artisans’ Wares
  • Admission $2 and Free for Children under 15
  • Children’s Activity Tickets available for purchase at the Faire, cash-only please
  • We do not have an ATM onsite

For more Information call 403-287-1868


On a Saturday in early September many of our Early Childhood Faculty spent the day at the Springbank Old Tyme Fall Fair talking to people about our school and Waldorf Education. This was a great community event to be part of as there were so many activities and seasonal traditions for families to enjoy. A special thank you to Miss Alison for making this happen.

Sierra Maidlow, Community Engagement and Development Coordinator

CWS at Springbank Old Tyme Fall Fair


What a joyful beginning to our school year! The Faculty and children returned to our school last week filled with excitement and eager to connect with friends old and new. By Recess of the first day, all of the Classes had already slipped quickly and easily into the routine and rhythm of the school day. It is a wonder to behold how readily and contentedly the children settle into their school life. As you wander the halls, the classrooms and the playground, you can hear the bubbling up of school life: “Grade 2 is the best Class ever!”; “Kindergarten bread is way better than the bread at home.”; “You know, Mom, the Fun Olympics were way funner than I thought they’d be.” – high praise indeed from a Middle School boy! The children’s spirit and light fills our school and our hearts.

Thank you to all our parents for your hard work getting your children ready for the return to school. Especially with these continuing hot days, it can be hard to move away from long days filled with swimsuits, bicycles and fun to the more structured (and earlier) school days. Your work to ensure the children are well rested, well fed and ready for the school day is vital to their learning and so greatly appreciated by all the Faculty. As we move into the shifting Fall weather, please ensure that the children are also prepared for whatever may come our way, be it heat, rain, hail or snow – all possibly on the same day.


We are delighted to welcome several new Faculty members this year. Dr. Larry Glatt is joining us in the dual role of Pedagogical Co-Administrator and Middle School Music teacher. Larry is a long-time Waldorf Class Teacher and Waldorf Music Teacher, having taught in both Ontario and New York State, as well as having a PhD in Guitar Performance. We look forward to both his pedagogical leadership and his enthusiasm for music.

Katelynd Franken is joining us as our Grade Two Class Teacher. You may recognize Katelynd as she was in our school for three weeks last year completing her Waldorf Teacher Training Practicum with Ms. Ghali. Katelynd brings to us a considerable experience in working with social dynamics within the classroom and a deep commitment to Waldorf education.

Early in July, Ms. Brooker made the difficult personal decision to return to her native Australia. Clare is very grateful for the time she spent at our school. She feels a deep love for her students, the parents and the school and will be continuing with Waldorf education in Australia. We wish Clare all the best in her journey. Apryl Sponholz is joining us as our Grade Four Class Teacher. Apryl is from Alberta but has recently taught at a Waldorf School in Tasmania where she took her Class from Grade One to Grade Eight.

In the Kinderwing, there are two new Assistants: Carolina Mendes and Carol Hawkwood. Carolina has completed her Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training at the West Coast Institute and has two children in our school. Carolina is working with Ms. Rose in the Fairybells Kindergarten. Carol is a CWS Alumni Parent and will be working with Ms. Tina in our Early Childhood Aftercare program.

Welcome one and all!
Warmly and with best wishes for our new school year,
Larry Glatt and MaryWyatt Sindlinger, Pedagogical Co-Administrators