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Calgary Waldorf School
515 Cougar Ridge Drive S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3H 5G9
Phone: 403-287-1868 | Fax: 403-287-3414



Friday, May 27, 2022
5:00pm – 7:00pm

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Book Bike Bake Sale

Mon, May 2nd – Fri. May 6th

Book & Bike DONATIONS accepted 8am-3pm the week of the sale.

Thursday, May 5th
3pm-4pm Book & BAKE Sale

Friday, May 6th
3pm-6pm Book BIKE BAKE Sale

And you can shop for books all week during school hours!

How To Have Devices Not Be Divisive For Our Family And Classroom – A Virtual Talk with Kim John Payne
Thursday, December 2nd @ 7PM
This event has already occurred. Thank you to all who attended.

Unfortunately our 2021 Waldorf Faire has been postponed until next year.