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Online Parent Talk with Jamie York – Waldorf Math
Thur, Dec 3rd, 7:00 pm

Join fellow CWS and Edmonton Waldorf parents for an evening of inspired mathematical discussion and activities! Jamie York will bring insight into practice in his presentation about Waldorf math and math in general. Whether you are a parent with preschool age children or looking outward from Grade 9, you will find this talk exhilarating!

The Higher Purpose of Teaching Math

  • Math teaches us how to think. We want our students to be able to think for themselves, think analytically, and
    we hope that their thinking is heart-felt and imbued with imagination.
  • Character development. Math teaches students discipline, perseverance, patience, and how to deal with
    mistakes. For many students, math teaches them how to (work through) struggle.
  • Combating cynicism. In today’s world, our youth can easily come to believe that things are meaningless and
    without purpose. Cynicism is a pervasive social disease today. By teaching math in the right way, we can
    show our students that the world is true and filled with awe and wonder.
  • Spiritual and moral development. Steiner speaks of mathematics as training in sense-free thinking, thus an
    important part of a student’s moral and spiritual development.
  • Math is human. Math, like music, drama, painting, and literature, is an art. Through these subjects we learn
    what it means to be human.

Jamie York is an internationally respected Waldorf math consultant, and lead author of Making Math Meaningful™ books. Jamie was born in Maine, went to public school in Connecticut, received two computer science degrees, and then began teaching math in 1985 at a boarding school in New Hampshire. In 1994, after spending two years in Nepal serving as a Peace Corps volunteer, Jamie’s search for meaningful education led him to Shining Mountain Waldorf School (in Boulder, Colorado), where he taught middle school and high school math for 21 years. Now, as a math missionary, he travels across the U.S. and internationally offering workshops for teachers so they can re-imagine mathematics and inspire their students. Making Math Meaningful™ books are the manifestation of his vision for a comprehensive mathematics curriculum that spans grades one through twelve.

“Math should be an adventure!”

Registration available through the Wednesday Notice for Calgary Waldorf parents & community members.