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Annual Tuition Fees

Annual Fees for the 2018/2019 School Year
(International Student fee: $6,200 in addition to Tuition Fees)

1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child
100% 90% 40% 15%
Preschool 3 half days $5,980 $5,390 $2,390 $900
Preschool 4 half days $7,980 $7,190 $3,190 $1,200
Jr. Kindergarten 5 half days $7,190 $6,470 $2,870 $1,080
Sr. Kindergarten full days $9,470 $8,520 $3,780 $1,420
Elementary (Grades 1-6) $10,290 $9,260 $4,110 $1,550
Junior High (Grades 7-9) $11,780 $10,600 $4,710 $1,770

New Student Field Trip/School Supply Fee (per child):

  • Grade 1: $360
  • Grade 2: $460
  • Grade 3: $495
  • Grade 4: $540
  • Grade 5: $630
  • Grade 6: $630
  • Grade 7: $710
  • Grade 8: $710
  • Grade 9: $710

Initiation Fee Per Family With Students in Grades 1 – 9

$1,500 per family. (See Family Initiation Fee below for more information)


Complete and return an Application for Admission Form with the application fee and all required documentation.


Only applications with all required documentation will be reviewed. The Class Teacher will review applications and assess whether our program can meet the student’s learning needs. Placement in the class will be offered based on this review and available space.


Due March 1st: (or upon acceptance)10% of Annual Tuition Fees must be paid and are non-refundable
Due June 1st: 10% of Annual Tuition Fees must be paid and are non-refundable (For a total of 20% of Fees paid)
Due July 1st: 10% of Annual Tuition Fees must be paid and are non- refundable (For a total of 30% of Fees paid)
New Student Applicants: If the student is accepted and offered placement in a class after any of these dates, deposits must be paid up to the last deposit date to reserve the student’s placement.

Payment of Balance of Fees

Payment in Full:
Due September 1st:
Parents may pay all the remaining fees in full. Tuition Fees are reduced by 1% if paid in full by September 1st.

Or Payment by Monthly Installments:
Due September 1st to April 1st:
10% of Annual Tuition Fees per month*

Due May 1st: Field trip/school supply fees

* Please note: There is no monthly installment payment on March 1st as parents will be required to pay the first enrollment deposit for the succeeding school year on that date.

Payment may be made by Pre-authorized Bank Withdrawal Agreement, Visa, or Mastercard. Individual cheques are not acceptable unless all fees are made in one payment.

Enrollment Package Forms

All forms and arrangements for fee payments are included in an enrolment Package to be completed and returned to the school by March 1st or upon enrolment acceptance.

Family Initiation Fee

Each new family with one or more students enrolled in Grades 1–9 is required to pay a one-time Family Initiation Fee of $1,500. This is a non-refundable fee payable June 1st, or upon acceptance into the school.

Parent/Fundraising/Community Involvement Commitments

  • Parent Involvement is expected in order to support your child’s education and class environment. It includes mandatory attendance at class meetings, parent-teacher interviews, and the Fall Forum parent workshop in the fall of your first year at the school. We also expect parents to work within our guidelines for communication, student discipline, student dress, and exposure to electronic media, and we expect parents to support, in their home, the school’s curriculum and philosophy to the best of their ability.
  • Parents are also required to fulfill three mandatory time and financial commitments that support the school’s fundraising and organizational goals. Details of the options within the three commitments are outlined in the Essential Parent Support page.

Financial Assistance

The School has a small fund for Tuition Assistance. Application forms are available in the school office and here. The form must be returned with the Enrollment Deposit in March for renewing families or upon acceptance for new families requiring assistance. The application procedure may include an interview with the Tuition Assistance Committee. The criteria considered will be ability to pay, number of children enrolled, and contribution/commitment to the school community. Tuition Assistance Applications will only be considered after the student has been offered enrollment by the Class Teacher. Tuition Assistance is not available for mid-year enrollments.

Age Requirements

Grade One: Students must be at least 6 years old on June 30th prior to September’s enrollment.

Grades Two – Nine: Student ages will be reviewed on an individual basis.

For Parent and Tot, Preschool, and Kindergarten Program entry requirements, please refer to the document entitled Kindergarten, Preschool and Early Childhood Programs for 2018/2019.

Class Hours

Grades One to Nine: 8:22 am – 3:05 pm, Monday through Friday.

For Parent and Tot, Preschool, and Kindergarten Program entry requirements, please refer to the document entitled Kindergarten, Preschool and Early Childhood Programs for 2018/2019.

Lunch Supervision

Lunch supervision is provided for Grades 1 – 9 students. Lunch supervision fees are included in tuition fees and this portion of the tuition fees is tax deductible as a childcare expense. The children eat their lunch in their classrooms and are then supervised on the playground.

  • Grades 1 – 6 Lunch Break: 12:05 – 1:00 pm
  • Grades 7 – 9 Lunch Break: 12:45 – 1:30 pm

Information on Our Aftercare Programs and Bus Service

Aftercare Programs for Preschool to Grade 6 – click HERE for information.
Bus Service – click HERE for information.

Calendar of The School Year

A calendar for the whole school year is available from the office.
Click HERE for a PDF of the current School Year Calendar.

Withdrawal Procedures/Refund Policy

Parents are entitled to a pro-rated refund effective the end of the month, three full months after written notice is received by the School Administrator. The Field Trip, School Supply and annual International Student Fees are not pro-rated or refundable in the event of a withdrawal. Refunds are not calculated for mid-month withdrawals.

The Calgary Waldorf School reserves the right to refuse admission or to require the withdrawal of any child, should the School decide it is best for the child or for the School.

Other Charges

Field Trip and School Supply Fees are payable with your Tuition Fees. The School Supply Fee covers basic supplies. Students may also be required to purchase additional supplies and/or replace lost or damaged items. These fees are not pro-rated for mid-year enrolments. New students entering the School after Grade One will receive supplies distributed in earlier Grades and a New Student Supply Fee will be included in their Total Fee charges. The Field Trip Fee covers a portion of student field trip expenses. Students and parents may be asked to participate in fundraising activities to raise additional funds for the student field trip fund.

Junior High students are required to rent or otherwise provide an instrument for Music. There may be additional fees for extra-ordinary costs associated with specific Junior High Elective programs.

Junior High students are required to purchase a gym uniform for use in Phys. Ed. class. Students participating in extra-curricular sports will be required to purchase a uniform and will be charged a participation fee to cover team fees.