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The Calgary Waldorf School endeavors to make Waldorf education available to all families without regard to income as much as possible. The tuition assistance program is one way the school can put this philosophy into practice.

The program is available to parents who require financial assistance with their tuition. Application for the program must by made to the school. This includes provision of financial information and an interview with the Tuition Assistance Committee. All such information is kept in strictest confidence and is not seen by anyone except members of the committee. It is desirable that both parents attend the interview.

It is recommended that parents who are granted tuition assistance monies make a commitment to work volunteer hours over the course of the school year, especially fundraising activities that support the Tuition Assistance Fund.

Volunteering is a way for recipients to exchange time and expertise for grant monies, but is done on an honour system as each family must decide for themselves how much volunteer time they can commit due to work schedules, etc.

An application review takes place in the spring and monies are allocated shortly thereafter. Applicants will be contacted immediately regarding their tuition assistance grant amount. A second review takes place in September for late applications if there are monies remaining in the tuition assistance fund.

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds it’s reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living.”
— Rudolf Steiner

Options for Tuition Assistance

CWS Tuition Assistance Application Form

Applicants will be contacted by phone by a member of the tuition assistance committee to book an interview time.

Applications will only be processed with a complete application form including a current income tax form.

Participants are required to inform the committee of any improvements or changes in their financial standing during the school year.

Tuition assistance grants are normally allocated monthly. Withdrawals of children during the school year will render the remaining grant null and void.

Tuition assistance criteria were developed in 1996 and tuition assistance levels are based on family size, total family income and total tuition costs.