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The Calgary Waldorf School (CWS) believes that Waldorf education should be accessible to all families who desire it, regardless of their economic status.

Our Tuition Assistance Program exists to serve families without the means to fully cover the costs of this education. CWS allocates an annual budget to support families who would otherwise be financially unable to enrol their children in our School. Tuition assistance grant allocations are dependent on financial need, family size, the current years’ budget and the number of applicants.

It is recommended that parents who receive tuition assistance grants make a commitment to contribute volunteer hours, in addition to the mandatory volunteer commitments, during the course of the school year, especially fundraising activities that support the Tuition Assistance Fund.

Volunteering is a way for recipients to exchange time and expertise for grant monies, but is done on an honour system as each family must decide how much volunteer time they can contribute due to other commitments outside the school.

Families applying for Tuition Assistance must fill out an application form. Please use a computer to do so. 

Please review our Options for Reducing Tuition Fees 2023-2024 for information about tuition assistance, subsidies, and bursary programs.

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds it’s reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living.”
— Rudolf Steiner


Is there a minimum age/grade for which financial assistance is offered?
No, but percentage levels tend to be lower for Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

What is the deadline for applying for assistance?
March 15th or upon acceptance.

Does CWS offer aid to new students or only to returning students?
New and returning students.

Do we have to be accepted by the school prior to making an application?

Does CWS offer aid to international applicants?

Is there a maximum amount of assistance the school will provide?
50% tends to be the maximum, exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances.