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Nestled in the Parent Room of our school are The Pixie Hut and Pixie Hut Books. All profits from “the school store” help support our Tuition Assistance Fund.

Drop in for a visit and you will find many wonderful Waldorf Inspired treasures on display including:

  • Waldorf books
  • Lyra and Stockmar art supplies
  • natural fibre dolls
  • wooden toys
  • natural fibre craft materials

Pixie Hut Books

Pixie Hut Books supplies Waldorf children’s books and parenting books, as well as books on Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy, to the school community.

Waldorf Children’s books present gentle and magical prose, or classic fairy and folk tales illustrated with beautiful pictures. The pictures are appropriate and true pictures of life, not caricatures, and great attention is paid to their beauty. Books for older children are chapter books of imaginative tales, myths, legends or collections of stories, as well as fairy tales and classic children’s literature.

Waldorf Parenting books include books that give guidance and advice, both generally, and specifically for certain age groups, books on child development, and support books for parents. They are often written by Waldorf School teachers, but also embrace works by other more “mainstream” authors. There are also books about celebrating the festivals, storytelling, games, songbooks, crafts and activities that enrich family life.

Books on Waldorf Education describe the Waldorf school curriculum, in both introductory books as well as more comprehensive theory. There are many teachers’ resources, books on remedial and curative education, administration and specific school subjects.

There are books available on Anthroposophy, which describe the world view of the founder of Waldorf Education, Rudolf Steiner.