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To build a culture and environment within our classes and our school community that honour the values and goals of the Calgary Waldorf School, parents and teachers are asked to make a commitment to cooperate in a climate of good faith and mutual respect, and to strive to develop a deeper understanding and support of the principles of Waldorf Education that will in turn support the development of a healthy child and community.

For parents, this will mean participation in school activities such as class parent evenings, educational workshops, and fundraising. It may also mean adjusting some lifestyle choices to honour the school’s values and to ensure their child has a successful experience in our school.

Below is a list of key guidelines we ask parents to follow while their child is attending our school.


Supporting health and safety

To learn and participate fully at school, children need to lead a healthy physical life. Parents need to ensure that their child:

  • Is well-rested
  • Eats nutritious food
  • Wears appropriate clothing for the weather and the day’s activities (especially on out-trips)
  • Is routinely engaged in healthy, physical activity
  • Is not using tobacco, alcohol or drugs

We also expect all parents to drive safely and cautiously around the school and on school field trips or other outings.


Supporting the curriculum

Teachers strive to bring a unique and rich Waldorf curriculum to the children. Teachers are freer to teach this curriculum and the children are freer to receive it when parents:

  • Restrict children’s exposure to electronic media (television, movies, video games, computers, IPads/tablets, smart phones or other electronic devices, and the internet.)
  • Avoid children’s exposure to inappropriate visual and written material (e.g., news reports, song lyrics, and other media containing violence, pornography, etc.)
  • Do not allow electronic devices and toys to be brought to school
  • Choose the number and type of extracurricular activities with consideration for the age and developmental needs of the child (i.e., so as not to overload or overschedule the child)
  • Ensure their child adheres to the CWS dress policy
  • Support the CWS discipline policy
  • Are punctual for school and events
  • Ensure their child attends school regularly and schedule their family holidays around school holiday times
  • Help children develop good work habits (homework completion, study skills, extra learning support when required, etc.)
  • Learn more about Waldorf Education and its philosophy
  • Take part in the social and cultural life of the school (festivals, assemblies, school and class events, etc.)
  • Incorporate Waldorf practices into their home life (e.g., rhythm and routines, play, reverence, creativity, imagination)
  • Organize activities at children’s parties and gatherings that are congruent with the values of the school


Supporting relationships

We are a community. Cooperation and healthy communication among us is essential. Parents contribute to positive relationships in the school when they:

  • Share (with other parents) the responsibility for maintaining a climate of respect toward the teachers and students and within the class parent body
  • Bring concerns forward to the teacher or the school administration in an explicit, timely, and constructive way
  • Follow proper channels for addressing issues and concerns
  • Respect the private lives of the teachers and staff (e.g., limit out-of-school requests)
  • Attend all parent-teacher interviews and all class parent meetings
  • Attend Parent Education events
  • Keep informed of school activities and business by reading the Wednesday Notice and other information sent from the school
  • Strive toward inclusivity in our interactions and activities (e.g., be inclusive with invitations to birthday parties and social gatherings; do not exclude one or several children)
  • Meet all financial and volunteer contracts with the school


Fundraising/School Events Commitment

Parent participation is an integral part of the Calgary Waldorf School experience and builds a thriving school both socially and financially. Parents are asked to be involved in individual class activities and to meet a minimum requirement of financial and volunteer commitments to the school each year.

  • Pay your school fees and complete forms in a timely manner.
  • Work at least one shift for “The Waldorf Faire” (The Faire) and donate at least one food item for the café at The Faire.
  • Provide a financial contribution in addition to tuition by purchasing at least $500 per month of grocery cards (the school earns between 5% and 10% of sales of cards), or making a $400 donation in lieu of purchasing grocery cards, or volunteering for two Casino shifts (if available).
  • Volunteer for at least one more all-school activity on the list provided annually. These include fundraising, social and community-building events, as well as committee work. When choosing your volunteer commitment, note that we are not monitoring your hours but asking you to give willingly of your time to help the event as needed.

In addition to the required commitments above, parents can make a real difference in the school’s success and deepen their own connection to the school community by helping in the following ways:

  • Increase your Grocery Card purchases, and use the School’s Calgary Co-op membership number when purchasing groceries or gas.
  • Ask at the office for a Co-op tag.
  • Make a tax-deductible charitable donation to the Calgary Waldorf School Society.
  • Donate to the Annual Giving Campaign each year.
  • Volunteer your time for class and all-school events and committees.
  • Support our School Events: Attend and invite your friends and family to any school event.