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Music is a constant means of communication and expression in our classrooms and is the “glue” that holds us together as we go through the seasons and festivals of the year.

Singing in a group fosters cooperation with and interest in others. Children in first and second grades learn songs by heart from their class teacher and sing unaccompanied on a daily basis. By third and fourth grade, students are expected to “hold their own” when singing in rounds. In addition to the musical activities with the class teacher, children in Grades One through Six also have music class twice per week. Here they further explore choral singing and rhythmical instruments, notation work and part-singing.

The first instrument the children learn is the pentatonic flute with their class teacher in Grade One. The ethereal quality of tone from these handmade wooden recorders is ideally suited to the younger child. In third grade, they begin playing the Choroi C-Flutes, a recorder based on the standard diatonic scale. Recorder ensemble playing is also introduced in upper elementary and continues into the junior high. Beginning in Grade Seven, the children choose a wind or brass instrument and join the Junior High Band.

Throughout all the grades, there are regular opportunities for choral and instrumental performance at recitals, school assemblies, and seasonal celebrations.