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Calgary Waldorf School
515 Cougar Ridge Drive S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3H 5G9
Phone: 403-287-1868 | Fax: 403-287-3414


The school provides a well-rounded classical education for children who are able to learn in a group setting. In choosing a Waldorf education parents should understand that their children will receive an education that is highly social in nature. For those children who need special help, learning support classes may be added on an individual or small group basis. A part-time Learning Support teacher coordinates the learning support for students in the elementary grades, which may include movement and drawing exercise to strengthen body awareness and sensory integration. The students in Grades Two and Three may also have the benefit of working with our Early Literacy teacher who helps support emerging reading skills.

Our school does not have the resources to accommodate children with moderate or severe learning needs. Children who are experiencing difficulties may be recommended for outside assessments and/or tutoring sessions.