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At this stage in their development, all children have inherent creativity. These creative interests are enlivened when academics are delivered through carefully structured lessons enriched with choral singing, story telling, rhythmic activities and dynamic discussion.

Math concepts are introduced with various manipulatives and games while questions are explored on the chalkboard next to intricate drawings created by the teacher to stimulate imaginative problem solving. The teacher balances artistic expression with intellectual and emotional development by engaging the child’s heart and hands, as well as the mind.

During the elementary school years, the child’s consciousness gradually shifts from a pictorial to a more conceptual focus. Guided by their teacher, students create their own main lesson books. These books involve drawing, verse, and content from science to literature, and provide the student an opportunity to be inspired by the interaction of subjects.

Each school day begins with a two-hour main lesson, which focuses on one primary topic for several weeks. Students are encouraged to joyfully submerge themselves in their lessons, studying language and literature, science and mathematics, geography and history in alternating, integrated blocks. During the rest of the day, shorter lessons concentrate on specific subjects such as music, two foreign languages, the visual arts, movement and games, and handwork or woodwork, as well as further practice of academic skills.

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