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Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3H 5G9   
Phone: 403-287-1868  |  Fax: 403-287-3414   
Our sincere gratitude goes to our Workshop Facilitators for volunteering to share their wealth of knowledge, experience, and time with our participants. Thank you to:
    Grey Nybo
    Kelly Lynch
    Luka Symons
    Laureen Loree
    Johanna Kalkreuth
    Arwen Cruse
    Avril Whitney
    Rose Maynard
    Kathy Brunetta
    Aina Lordo
    Miriam Bezeau
    Douglas Gerwin

We would also like to thank everyone who played a part, whether big or small, in bringing our 7th annual conference to light and making it a memorable experience.

Our many thanks go to:
  • Conference MCs Dean Carter and Cathie Foote, who held space when we needed it, and delivered key pieces of information in a warm and welcoming manner.
  • The parents on the Board for providing the delicious Friday night meal shared with Gateways presenters, faculty volunteers, and Board members.
  • Doug Ward for his wonderful graphic design work and online support.
  • Staff and Faculty Volunteers for their hard work and energy. We would especially like to acknowledge our Early Childhood faculty for their prep work and for their service as our warm welcoming committee at the registration tables.
  • Behind the scenes support from the CWS admin team: Shannon, Sandra, Cathie, Cari, and Kathy.
  • We appreciate the accommodations teachers made to open their classrooms for our Workshops’ use.
  • Avril Whitney and her team for transforming the Atrium into a beautiful shopping experience known as “The Pixie Hut”.
  • Kerry Porter and Dilshan Hetti Hewage for the amazingly quick and efficient set-up and take-down of our “dining room” for the Saturday lunch and the set-up of Workshop rooms.
  • Parent Volunteers who helped with various tasks before, during, and after the conference, along with their families and caregivers for providing them with support so that they were able to do this volunteering.
  • Douglas Gerwin, our Keynote Speaker, who truly had us thinking.
  • Jessica Lyford and Linda, whose beautifully prepared food was a feast for all senses.
  • Josh, our wonderful Sound Technician – excellent sound is critical for a conference.
  • School and community members who supported the conference with donations which we used as Door Prizes. We had many, many happy prize winners!
  • Our Gateways Conference Planning Committee Members – Brenda Porter, Sylvia Wolfrum, Eva Pinnau Kelly, Carolina Martins, and Sierra Maidlow – who met regularly throughout the entire year to bring this event to fruition.
  • Our attendees: without your ongoing support we would not be able to celebrate another successful event! This year we had attendees join us from Ontario, British Columbia and Manitoba, and from all across Alberta.

The Gateways Conference Planning Committee is most grateful for the generous outpouring of support from our School community members and local merchants. Their donations enable us to offer a multitude of wonderful draw prizes.

    Breya Hardy
    Cheechum Soby
    Marie Snippa
    Eva Kelly
    Elan Family Wellness Centre
    Integra Naturopathics
    Arts Commons
    Calgary International Children's Festival
    Jenny Fulton
    Kyla Arden
    Preet Dhillon
    Lesley Joiner
    Jennifer Palmer
    Curious Hair Salon
    Harmony Wellness
    Tim Hortons
    Color Me Mine
    Adrianah Thompson
    Vin Room
    Westside Rec Centre
    West Springs Co-op
    Safeway, Aspen Landing
    Splurge Gifts & Flowers
    My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe
    Karma Yoga
    Ohh La La Patisserie
    Sandra Ghali

Mark your calendars now! April 28 and 29, 2017 are scheduled for our 8th Annual Gateways Conference, with Keynote Speaker Jaimen McMillan.

Gateways Conference Planning Committee
Sierra Maidlow, Chair
403–287–1868 ext. 317 or