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We are seeking a Waldorf Music teacher for a part-time, Grades 7 – 9 position:
  • with strong musical ability
  • with enthusiasm and ability to engage students in music making in a compulsory Grades 7 – 9 music program
  • with knowledge of and experience with Waldorf music education
  • with the ability to develop the Waldorf Music program in our school

Our teachers have Permanent Resident Status or Canadian Citizenship and have an Alberta Teaching Certificate. To obtain an Alberta Teaching Certificate, applicants must have completed a Bachelor of Education degree and go through an application process with Alberta Education. For more information, please see:

Please direct your resume and inquiries about this Waldorf Music Educator opportunity via email to, by phone to 403-287-1868 ext.157, by fax to 403-287-3414, or by post to:
Faculty Hiring Committee
Calgary Waldorf School
515 Cougar Ridge Drive SW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T3H 5G9

We welcome substitute teacher applications all year long. Substitute teacher applicants attend one of the monthly tours followed by an interview conversation. Please see our school website for the dates of these tours and indicate which of these monthly tours you plan to attend. We will reply and arrange an interview with you, to take place after the tour.

If you are interested in Substitute Teaching at the Calgary Waldorf School, and you already have an Alberta Teaching Certificate and a current police check, please do the following:
  • Submit your resumé electronically via email to
  • Include information about your knowledge of, experience with, and/or interest in Waldorf education.
  • Indicate the date of the school tour(s) you will attend so that we can arrange to meet with you after a tour.
Please familiarize yourself with our school by reading through our website. For more information about Waldorf education, Waldorf schools, and Waldorf teacher training, please visit the website of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America at

This is a senior leadership position with our school. The Pedagogical Administrator in the Calgary Waldorf School is an individual with significant Waldorf teaching experience who works with all stakeholders: teachers, students, their parents, administrators and the larger Waldorf educational community to serve continuing excellence in Waldorf education. The mandate of this role is to provide broad vision and practical leadership for every aspect of Waldorf education in our school.

The Pedagogical Administrator serves the school and all the members of its community by working collaboratively, and by taking initiative and leadership, in the following components within the life of the school:
  • Individual teacher support and development.
  • Faculty support and development through study, workshops, and training.
  • Recruitment, mentoring, and evaluation of teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Participation and leadership in Faculty meetings.
  • Curriculum development and implementation.
  • Parent education.
  • Communication and presence within the school and the broader community.
  • Mediation and problem-solving.
  • Development and implementation of policies and procedures.
  • Long-term and short-term planning in conjunction with other governing bodies in the school.
  • Possibly serving as one of our AWSNA Delegates, and other networking on behalf of the school. The Pedagogical Administrator will have the following background and qualities:
  • Significant number of years of successful Waldorf teaching experience, preferably within a wide range of students’ ages and Grade levels.
  • Deep understanding of and connection to Waldorf Education and to Anthroposophy.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a love of working with children, parents, teachers, and administrative staff.
  • Strong conflict resolution skills.
  • Knowledge of and connections with the wider Waldorf Education and Anthroposophical organizations, institutions, and governing bodies.
  • Openness to working with the unique character, expectations, and structure of our school.
  • Commitment to striving for the well-being of our school.
  • Commitment to helping create a vision for the future of our school.
  • Exemplary use of the oral and written word.
  • Exemplary organizational skills.
  • Please note that eligibility for, or already possessing, Alberta Teacher Certification (based on having a Bachelor of Education degree or its equivalent) is highly preferred by the school, but not required, for the Pedagogical Administrator position as it is currently defined in our school.
  • Please also note that, given national hiring restrictions currently in place within Canada from our Federal government, any applicant must already be a Canadian citizen, whether or not he/she presently resides in Canada.
We offer a full compensation package including medical and dental benefits, life and disability insurance, pension, partial tuition remission, and a competitive salary based on education and years of teaching experience.

We will only process applications from those who have a history of successful Waldorf teaching experience. We will only contact applicants whom we would like to interview. Thank you for your understanding.

To apply for this position, please send a letter of intent, a resumé, a one-page autobiography, and three references to:

Fax: 403-287-3414
Post: Cathie Foote, School Administrator
Calgary Waldorf School
515 Cougar Ridge Drive S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T3H 5G9

Background Information about the Calgary Waldorf School

The Calgary Waldorf School incorporated in 1985 and now enrolls 275 students in our programs, from Preschool and Kindergarten to Grades One through Nine. Another 40 children attend our Parent and Tot classes. Our 40-member Faculty and Staff include Early Childhood Teachers, Grade School Class Teachers, Grade School Subject Specialist Teachers (for French, German, Music, Art, Handwork, Woodwork, Arts and Crafts, Physical Education, Eurythmy, Learning Support, and Computers and Information Technology), and teaching/classroom Assistants. Our Administrative Team is composed of a Pedagogical Administrator, a School Administrator, a Financial Manager, an Admissions Manager, a Facility Manager, a Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, and a Special Events Administrative Support position.

We relocated in 2002 from a downtown site to the neighbourhood of Cougar Ridge on the central-south-western edge of the city, when we moved into our beautiful, new purpose-built school. As well as the facility itself, the school grounds, the natural parks, and the access to the Rocky Mountains and to housing are all advantages in our Cougar Ridge location. Our school families offer a warm, supportive community and many of our families live near the school, within walking or biking distance.

The Calgary Waldorf School is an Accredited, Full Member School of AWSNA (the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America) and a Full Member School of WECAN (the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America). We are also a member of AISCA, the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges of Alberta.

We are a unique independent school which receives one-third of our revenue from the Provincial government, as all private schools in Alberta receive some public funding from the Ministry of Education (“Alberta Education”). Our committed teaching Faculty obtain Alberta Teaching Certification, as is required of all teachers in Alberta, and our Faculty complete Waldorf teacher education as well. The school provides our teachers with generous professional development financial support towards their Waldorf Teacher Training certification and continuing education in Waldorf studies.

Calgary is a young, growing, and vibrant city of 1.2 million people, with a rich cultural heritage and a strong economy. The traditional farming and ranching base remains intact alongside the newer oil and gas economy. Calgary lives along two rivers, within the geographical transition between the prairies on its eastern side and the foothills on its western side. Our school is less than an hour from the Rocky Mountains, where recreational outdoor pursuits abound. Alberta is known for its beauty, friendliness, energy, resilience, fresh and dry air, clean water, and high number of days of sunshine. Summers are pleasant and warm; winters (though very sunny) can be cold and snowy, but we are regularly warmed by our famous Chinook Winds.

Please join us for a school tour, a Speaker Series event, our Gateways Conference, a social or festival special community event, or a student performance. We look forward to welcoming you to our Calgary Waldorf School.